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What I work on

I am a front-end focused full-stack engineer


What I'm good at


I've been using javaScript for most of my career. On the frontend, I've extensively used React, and Node.js for backend services.


I've been developing apps for Android since 2014. The ecosystem has changed significantly since then and I really love building interfaces with Modern Architecture Components (#MADSkills) in Kotlin


I really love how Kubernetes has evolved over the years in simplifying the deployment process. Automating the whole dev flow using ChatOps, Tekton pipelines, and ArgoCD has been extremely rewarding.

Terraform skill

Declarative infrastructure

More opportunities to define infrastructure with Terraform

3D skill

Illustration and 3D modelling

Front-end development is not just about code, but also the design of the visual experience

What I'd like to improve

What I'd like to learn

Rust skill


I'd love to develop performant modules that compile to WASM and become familiar with a language closer to the machine

K8s extend skill

Extend Kubernetes

Use Go to add custom resource definitions and integrate better with the current Kubernetes ecosystem